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If you are on this page you have read my social media posts in regards to the power grab from our Premier Daniel Andrews,where he wants an extension to State of Emergency powers. Today, the 24th of August 2020, I wrote to EVERY State member of parliament outlining my objections to this as well as the lock-downs we are currently enduring.

If you would like to join me in this effort I have placed links below to different pages where

  • I have links for downloadable spreadsheets with complete details including contact ones for both Victorian and Federal Members of Parliament.
  • I have links for templates of letters I have written to members of parliament that you can edit and use when you write to them
  • I have copies of letters I have already written to mp’s
  • I have copies of replies from mp’s to that correspondence
  • I have copies of vlogs surrounding this issue that I have also sent to mp’s.

I will keep updating this page with further emails, responses, vlog episodes etc

For me, it’s time to let our our political servants both at state and federal level know that we won’t accept further restrictions on our freedoms and liberties, I hope you can join me in making our feelings known. If you want to then you have all the resources you need via the links below

Contact Spreadsheets and Letter Templates

CLICK HERE to have access to downloable spreadsheets for mp’s details and letter templates.

Correspondence to Members of Parliament

CLICK HERE to see the email correspondence I have sent to  members of parliament.

Correspondence from Members of Parliament

CLICK HERE to see the correspondence I have received from members of parliament.

COVID-19 Bob’s Vlog Episodes

CLICK HERE to see my vlog episodes that relate to the COVID-19 situation.

Government RoadMap 6th Sept 2020

CLICK HERE to see the governments road-map plan to out of restrictions.


To email this to all members, join an email service like mailchimp which is free to use for this number of emails and upload the contacts and copy my letter of write one of your own. All you need to do then is press send.

Of course you can also just use your normal email client software.

If parliamentarians don’t have an email I have listed a link to a contact form page that they have listed to send messages through to their offices.

Do not be put off by automatic responses. If you put these email contacts into an email software software like mailchimp  it then is a very simple process to email them on a weekly basis to ensure you receive a proper answer. That’s what I will be doing.

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The table image used in this correspondence is below.