What is affiliate marketing online

If you’re interested in making money online there are a myriad of ways to do this.

The simplest and quickest way can be to become an affiliate marketer for an established product. Most online products recruit affiliates who then market that product through their websites, blogs, social media and email marketing. In being an affiiate you don’t need to have to worry about processing orders, storage for products, delivery etc.

You can source products to be affiliated with through things such as Amazon, eBay and Clickbank. The best products are downloadable ones such as books, documents and videos that can be pretty much downloaded to customers upon payment.

As an affiliate, if you sell a product you then receive a commission for each sale. If you have bought any of these sorts of products online already, there is a good chance you have just rewarded an affiliate.

Sounds straight forward? In reality, it is a little more complicated than that. You need to

  • Identify a niche market.
  • Identify a product that will service that product.
  • Ensure that product will convert into sales and provide a good commission.
  • Put in place the internet tools to promote, market and convert sales for your product.
  • Implement a process to drive traffic to landing pages for customers to find out about your product.

If you type in “making money online” or “affiliate marketing online” you will find a myriad of courses, mentors and training claiming to be able to show you how to make some impressive money online. All you need to to do is to part ways with a considerable amount of your own money to unlock these secrets.

That would work, right? but what guarantees do you have? what money back offers are provided? How do you know if the training offered is legitimate or one of the many hoaxes that exist online? How much time, money and effort will you have to invest to make it work?

Well, now you have the opportunity to discover all of this without having to fork over hundreds or even thousands of dollars first. At the Community Forum, we will be road testing these programs, doing the training and putting in place pace the structures to see if they work and you can follow us throughout for small fee of $25.00.

If a program gets results that impress you you can then confidently invest in them.

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