Why your business received our email

Dear Business owner/contact,

Your business received an email from us recently as we have visited your premises to obtain contact details to be able to send you information about how we can tell the story of your business, spread the story of your business and hopefully help to grow your business, while at the same time providing a free listing for your business on our business directories.

We visited every business within the Cheltenham area between the 23rd of December and the 1st of January. We have already visited businesses, in Ormond, Sandringham and Carlton. We were, however, caught by surprise at the number of businesses within the Cheltenham area compared to the others. It blew us away.

So naturally enough at this time of year, due to time constraints, not every business was open or in a position to see us. For those who we couldn’t meet personally, we took down your details and obtained your contacts from a google search. We did this as we want to provide you with a FREE listing on our growing directories on our website and secondly, we have great new years promotions that we don’t want businesses such as your to miss out on.

We believe it’s very important even in these days of online communication and marketing that we make the effort to visit every business we list and with over 500 businesses in the Cheltenham area, while we visited your premises, it was just impossible during the festive season to meet everybody.

For those we did get to meet, as usual with the vast majority of business owners, it was great to be greeted with such warmth and courtesy. For those of you we didn’t get to meet please consider this our introduction and while we understand the temptation to unsubscribe, please don’t do so  just yet. Instead read through our email and if nothing else, keep receiving our emails and regular newsletters and we will keep your business listed for FREE!

If nothing else you will receive some great stories and information about other businesses that could assist yours in a variety of ways.

We certainly hope to hear from you shortly or even better to make a time to come out and meet with you when you are back on the premises for a chat.

If you still wish to unsubscribe, you can still do so at the foot of our introduction email. Either way, we hope you have a fantastic 2020 to launch the new decade.

Kind Regards

Bob Mann


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