Small Business Special Offer

We're all in this together, right?

How many times over the past sixteen months have you heard the term “We’re all in this together” delivered to us via our political and bureaucratic elite?

After eighteen months, as a small business owner or employee do you feel like we are all in this together?

I sure don’t!

This is especially so as we see pay rises passed onto both Public Service employees and our politicians who are making these decisions to lock us down.

While we lose, our businesses, our revenue and our way of life, they simply don’t. How is this being in this all together?

At The Community Forum we have decided to try and do something about it.

We have decided to provide our services for free to any small business in Victoria doing it tough due to these lockdowns. In fact, we will help any business in Australia, but our major focus is on businesses in Melbourne.

One of our services and the one we will  provide for free is a feature article covering your business, it’s story and it’s services and/or products. We then publish those articles via our email newsletter and social media platforms.

Businesses can also then link to these articles through their own social media.  You can see examples of these articles by CLICKING HERE.

We also can film, edit and create promotional videos for you to embed through your website or social media for promotional purposes like the one we have on this page.

We will do this for your business for free if your business is under pressure from these lockdown. All we ask is that you promote our business to your clients, contacts and friends.

If your business can afford to contribute something or would prefer to, we would accept whatever price you offer.

If you can afford to contribute something it will enable us to help out those who cannot.

The normal starting price for this service is $500.00 so we hope it can be of assistance to other small business owners.

We hope that while this offer is small in the scheme of things, this offer may not only provide some small businesses some relief, but also make our fellow business owners and employees realise that  in spite of our political and bureaucratic elite, we can all still rally around each other and actually be in this thing together until we emerge on the other side.

We also provide other services such as website design, social media platform design and email marketing services for small businesses. If your business can afford any of these services please consider supporting us so we can support those who REALLY need it.

We hope after the year we have had with school closures, churches locked down, sports and events cancelled that through this offer we can make life a little more bearable for those business owners doing it tough.

We also hope to encourage others to forget about our politicians who say one thing,  but do another and do something ourselves to help each other.

To take us up on this “Special Offer” offer contact me via my email at or via my mobile 0490 823 400.