About Us

A new paper, a new approach!

Welcome to the Community Forum online newspaper.

We look forward to commencing a new history of local news, local stories and exposure for local businesses, groups and clubs. We believe that local news has been ignored and it is our goal to provide exposure for the local community and businesses at very affordable rates.

We also want to give the local community the chance to contribute to our paper like never before. We don’t want to just give local groups and businesses the chance to advertise, we want to give them the chance to provide their own content, stories, photos and events. If you want to tell the community what you are about and what you provide then we will give you the space to do so.

The paper will be discussing a host of issues, from politics to religion to sport and we will not be afraid to embrace controversial issues and in covering those issues political correctness will be expelled. We want people to have their say and express their opinion no matter what that may be.

The paper while currently an online edition, we hope to evolve to both an online and hard-copy version in coming years.

Our paper will also have a social conscience where we will not only discuss social problems but encourage forums to discuss and brainstorm ways to resolve those issues. This is an exciting ambition of the paper that we are looking forward to implement in the coming years.

We obtain our subscribers through old school and new age techniques. For businesses we visit their place of business, for schools, sports clubs and charities we email and write to them and for the general populace we obtain their details through social media. We have find these combination of new and old age techniques very useful and we are close to having 1,000 business subscribers and 3000 overall subscribers/followers

Finally, the paper will be pushing agendas such as animal protection and assisting impoverished people who never get the appropriate attention in the mainstream media.

We hope you enjoy our regular editions and you keep coming back for the best local read in Melbourne.

The community forum provides the following for local businesses, organisations and sports clubs

  • Marketing & Promotion: The community forum presents a great opportunity for local businesses, clubs and organizations to promote themselves, their services and products to the wider local community. They can do this directly through the paper, through advertising and through website development, internet services and social media. To see some of our work CLICK HERE.
  • Advertising: Just like any newspaper, online or hardcopy, there will be plenty of space for business, groups and individuals to advertise through the community forum. Through designed ads on our pages or a simple classified ad, there will be plenty of scope to meet your advertising needs.
  • Website Development: We can provide your organization with a professional-looking website for a cost that will surprise you.
  • A forum for opinion and debate: Our paper is going to engage in .opinion writing and editorial that will have the courage to take on any subject. Now anybody can put forward their viewpoint and engage in debate. If you have always thought of yourself as a writer then here is your chance to build a portfolio.
  • Networking: As we sign up more local groups and businesses to the community forum the greater the potential for significant networking and promotions. The Community Forum will be committed to making citizens in our region aware of local businesses and clubs etc through our social media activities and associated events. This will be done in a way that make if affordable for local groups where it wasn’t before.
  • Campaigns: Another agenda for the community forum is to engage in and support campaigns that will support local communities and other initiatives such as animal welfare and assorted charities.
  • The Warriors Basketball Club: One of the campaigns our paper will be supporting is Oakleigh Warriors Basketball Club and getting it back up on its feet in coming years, providing news, updates and reports of its progress. Check them out by CLICKING HERE.
  • The Bob Mann Basketball Academy: I will be using the community forum to help support my Basketball Academy. Through this Academy, I will be continuing what I have had a passion for across the past 30 years. That is teaching and developing young ambitious basketball players with the skills of this great game, while also providing pathways to a higher level of the game. Check it out by CLICKING HERE.