Julian Assange








Last week saw the tenth anniversary of the first arrest of Julian Assange by English authorities. He has now been sitting in Belmarsh high security prison in London now for twenty months.

I am of the opinion that our government, our politicians and officials should be doing everything they can to be lobbying for Julian Assange to pardoned by President Trump.

I outline my arguments in my latest article, which you can read by CLICKING HERE.

This Monday I will be writing to EVERY federal member of parliament arguing to them that they should intensify their efforts to secure the release of Assange through a presidential pardon from Trump. You can see my letter by CLICKING HERE. You can use this letter as a template for you own or just inspiration for a letter in your own words.

To obtain email contact details for each federal member of parliament CLICK HERE to go to a page with a link to a database with those details.

You can join me in this effort by writing to our members of parliament to encourage them to lobby on Mr Assange’s behalf to President Trump and his administration. I will also be sending daily tweets to President Trump and those around him in an attempt to bring Julian Assange’s situation to his attention.

Finally Queensland Nationals MP George Christensen has put together a web page where you can support his efforts to have President Trump issue a pardon for Assange. Access that page by CLICKING HERE.

As a conservative I believe in the individua, their right to free speech, their right to expression, transparency in government and the fight to expose government corruption wherever it may happen. I believe My Assange’s only crime is to expose what others in power wished to remain hidden and in consideration of this I believe he should be pardoned.

If you believe in this as I do, then by all means join me in this effort today.