Entanglements – Inspired by passion!

It’s always interesting when you walk into a shop and you are confronted with something that you weren’t expecting!

Entanglements in Jasper Road, Ormond, did exactly that for me.

The décor in the shopfront tended to make you think you had walked into a meditation centre instead of a décor store. The mood was relaxed and peaceful and the artwork was stunning. On my first visit it was a pretty hot day, but inside entanglements, it was cool, it was peaceful and the staff were welcoming.

While waiting I was taken by the décor, the artwork and the surrounds and could have stayed for some time taking it all in. As an old metal work student from my school days I was fascinated by the amazing skill that had been utilised in this work, it caught my eye wherever I looked.

For that reason, I wanted to feature Entanglements as our business of the week for our first edition of the Community Forum.

Entanglements was established in 1994 by Helen Neyland who as many business owners have done, began the business working from home. Today, she employs five staff full time and helps to keep in employ many others such as landscape gardeners, accountants, website designers etc. As work is so busy she doesn’t have much time to reflect on this, but when she did in our interview you could see her pride in this accomplishment.

Entanglements now take orders for their work from across Australia and internationally, so well has Helen’s work been received. Helen’s background has been in landscape gardening and she thrives on making spaces for clients, whether they be inside or outside, that they can remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax and enjoy their own Oasis at home.

Entanglements receive enquiries and orders in all manners, from the internet and store visits. After the initial enquiry, they look to establish what their clients want through conversation and things such as photos shots of potential areas for their work.


From their they provide their quotes work around budgets and begin their work. From start to finish there is about a six-week turnaround.

On the business front, Helen identifies a number of areas that governments of all persuasions could assist small to medium sized businesses as hers.

A fairer taxation system for smaller business owners that can be differentiated from the big corporates would be a start. She understands why the laws and regulations are there in regards to larger businesses and the big corporates but feels smaller businesses can be caught up in that legislation unnecessarily. More planning needs to go into a taxation system that would support local business rather than hindering it.

Helen simply loves working with her clients to achieve an outcome she loves but more importantly that ticks all the boxes for her customers. To be able to satisfy her artistic side, while building something that her clients love is something that you sense gives her great satisfaction. You can also tell she loves coming into work every day.

Helen doesn’t believe in drawbacks or setbacks for her business, she sees them as learn ing opportunities, that helps her understand her business more thoroughly while assisting her to learn how to overcome future obstacles when and if they arrive.

After speaking with Helen for this article, you realise the real heroes in the Australian economy are people such as her, ordinary Mums and Dad’s or individuals that have the vision to combine their passion in with their business.

When you take into account that many people like Helen combine that with raising their kids, helping out with sports and all the other commitments that go with family life, you start to realise how magnificent these extraordinary Australians are.

I walk out of Entanglements more convinced than ever that stories behind local businesses such as Helen’s are worth telling and I am even more determined to do so.

If you get the chance, visit their store at 342 Jasper Road, Ormond or go to their website at https://www.entanglements.com.au for further details and contacts.

You will love what they have to offer.


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