Movie Reviews 22nd January 2021

This week we review some more films and series from Netflix

The Last Kingdom

Starring:Alexander Dreymon, Emily Cox, David Dawson

Release Year: 2015 to 2020

As a history buff, I always enjoy a tv series or film based around historical events. The last Kingdom doesn't disappoint as it follows the journey of  Uhtred of Bebbanburg in the ninth century as the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons battle over control of what is now the United Kingdom. While every film based on history uses a considerable amount of artistic license in their production they can also make you aware of previous unknown historical events and facts.

The producers do this admirably throughout this series such as King Alfreds battle to establish a Christian Wessex that will ultimately work to unite the British Isles as one nation and defeat the Barbarian Vikings. Uhtred, a Dane, finds himself in may compromising positions, making enemies on all sides while continuously coming to the rescue of the Wessex Kingdom.

The series is well written and produced and strikes a good balance between entertainment and a degree of historical events. Ardent history nerds will probably hate the series, but for the rest of us this is good value.


Outside the wire

Starring: Anthony Mackie, Damson Idris, Emily Beecham

Release Year: 2021

A typical futuristic film based in 2035 pairs up a disciplined drone pilot and advanced android robot soldier that makes "The terminator" robot look like Mickey Mouse as they pursue a Ukrainian warlord to prevent him dealing in Nuclear weapons.

While the special effects are good the normal American themes of "we are the world's policeman" soon comes through. There is a twist in the fim towards the end of the film, that yet again see the American calvary in the form of hi-tech and drones come to the rescue against those evil Ukranian and Russians.

If you can get your head around the normal American Ra Ra, then you can enjoy the film, just don't expect too much.



Starring: R.J. Cyler, Jessica Sula and Leonardo DiCaprio

Release Year: 2016

If you liked the films you will like the series. Just like the films the producers make the effort to have engaged with the characters before killing them various heinous ways. The blood and guts parts are pretty good and if you have watched enough horror films won't disturb you too much, just keep the kids away from the screen while you are watching this.

Throughout the two seasons you are presented with different tangibles as to who ultimately may be the mass murderer. At the end of season we find out before starting all over again in season two.

The story is a bit groundhog day like, and as usual with every horror film, you are continuously thinking "why do that" or "finish the killer off" before they ultimately return to potentially take out your favourite characters.

That's all a part of the fun of a good horror film or series though, so if this is you genre, you will enjoy this series.