Entanglements, Ormond





Entanglements is an amazing business located at 342 Jasper Road, Ormond. It is a business that deals with Outdoor Metal Art for your home, garden or commercial design project, and was founded is owned and run by award-winning designer and local mum Helen Neyland, who started the business back in 1994 working from home.

The business now attracts clients from across the country and from around the globe, employs five people and supports numbers of others in their business endeavours. Not bad for a Mum with some initiative and passion. Even better are the products and services she can provide for your project at home or work.

At entanglements, you can choose from a range of unique metal art pieces, or you can their wonderful staff adapt designs to fit your project. They have a great team of consultants who can help you through the whole process of choosing, sizing and fitting.

Their metal art is all fabricated in-house, so they build specifically to meet your individual requirements. You can visit their showroom to see in person their many wonderful creations that are on display there. Alternatively, visit their website listed below to browse the full range.