Local businesses are a vital part of our local, state and federal economy. Unlike the corporate world or unions they have few groups to represent their issues or to market their services and products. Small and local business owners are entrepreneurs looking to make a living from their skills and ideas and to accomplish they take significant financial risk.

In other words to look to liv the ultimatum Australian dream they are prepared to put themselves at risk. If successful in doing so they not only build a living for themselves many of them go on to provide part and full time work for others.

It can take several tears to build a small to medium sized local business that can successfully stand on its feet financially where it can provide a decent profit, that can employ staff and be in a position to be able to afford and allocate a marketing budget.

It is the goal of the community forum to make that marketing much more affordable and far more accessible.

To find out more about what we have to offer your business contact us via our email below.


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