Mannkobe Enterprises – helping your business grow!

 Mannkobe Enterprises was initially a hobby for its owner Bob Mann. Bob had first started in an IT business back in the early 1990’s when he secured a job in the IT department at the Australian Wheatboard. This coincided with the world wide web becoming available to the public way back in 1991 and Bob was exposed to programming, websites and emails for the first time.

Bob took this experience with him when he founded and built the McKinnon Basketball Association, using it to spread the word about the Association amongst the community. After founding the McKinnon Basketball Association the club wanted a website but did not have the funds to engage a professional website designer to build them one. Using his experience with an ounce of innovation Bob downloaded documentation about designing websites and the HTML code behind them and taught himself how to go about it

Initially, it was a hobby but before too long Bob was being approached by business owners, who had seen his website for the club, to develop their websites and all of a sudden what had been a hobby had suddenly evolved into a casual business and the rest as the saying goes was history.

 For ten years Bob operated the business as a part-time/casual enterprise to top up his regular wage, but in 2016 decided to commit to it as a full-time business. The business now offers far more than just establishing a website, it can also design and establish social media, design and implement email promotion drives conducted for businesses and finally the ability to list and advertise businesses through the ‘The community form” newspaper blog that Bob has started. This last option especially is something unique to Bob’s business that no other website designer offers. It also provides the opportunity for businesses to bring all their presences on the internet together in a proper marketing effort to bring interested people to a business, it’s website and social pages.

For the more adventurous business owner Bob can even put together an E-commerce website (online shop). All of this at a price that any business owner can afford.

One of the reasons Bob started the business was the high cost of social media marketing he encountered when running the McKinnon and Oakleigh Basketball Associations. Advertising through traditional media was too extreme so once again Bob engaged in online training to learn how to use social media to market his Associations competitions and his business.

It was extremely successful, with both Associations he managed experiencing phenomenal  growth under Bob’s tenure. Bob has taken what he learned in that time and brought it into the services that he offers through Mannkobe Enterprises.

Bob has now designed websites and social media pages for businesses, debt collectors, sports clubs and not for profit groups. Due to Bob’s experience and age he can relate to business owners in a language they understand and at a price they can afford, from Bob’s perspective, too many business owners spend far more than they need to and can get lost in the coding language of the internet. Through this, they end up with costs that are too expensive and also experience confusion on what in most instances should be a straight forward process.

Bob walks his clients through a process that they can understand, just as importantly he can tailor it to fit their budget and even more importantly establish it in a manner where their internet presence can be marketed to potential clients.

Bob has found that it is one thing to have a website but if you don’t put in place the tools to help direct customers, both established and potential ones, to your business website it won’t achieve what it should for your business.

If you’re looking for a professionally designed website completed at a price to suit your business budget and explained in terms and a language that you can understand then Bob is your Mann!

For further information go to the “Mannkone Enterprises” website by CLICKING HERE.