Your Page

Through the community forum, clubs, organizations and businesses can purchase their own page space in our online paper. Through this space they can publish news, events, updates and promotions. All groups that have their own page will have stories written about their group and will also have their own stories published to their page when forwarded to us. All stories will also feature on our home page for a period.

Refer to below for some ideas of what is possible. 

Sports Clubs:

  • Results from matches that club teams compete in.
  • Previews of upcoming matches.
  • Notices of club events.
  • Acknowledgement of club milestones and events.
  • Club stories.
  • Links to club websites and newsletters.
  • Provides the ability to promote your club to a wider audience.


  • Ability to promote your products and/or services to a wider audience.
  • Promotions of sales.                                                                    
  • Ability to write your story about your business to a wider audience.
  • We can arrange social media campaigns for your business.
  • We can design and provide websites, Facebook and twitter pages   for your business.
  • For the more serious we can provide an e-commerce (shopping cart) website site.
  • For those who cannot afford an ecommerce site we can embed your products into ours.
  • Your business can support other pages such as pages for you local sports club or for one of our campaigns. 
  • Automatically included on our business directory

Groups & Organizations:

  • Churches can advertise their service times, school can advertise their open nights..
  • Schools can provide details of their curriculum and teaching staff
  • Charities can provide stories of their efforts and link to donation pages.
  • Fund-raising activities can be promoted.
  • We can design and provide websites, Facebook and twitter pages for your group/organization.
  • Political parties and individuals can obtain a page to promote their agenda's and policies
  • Low profile clubs such as a chess can greatly improve their profile.

Opportunities are endless to promote and market your business, club or group, especially when your page is combined with a website, and e-commerce website and Facebook and twitter pages.

Contact us to discuss options for this exciting initiative initially via our email below: