Morrison is reading the last rights of The Liberal Party Party of Australia.

On September 14th 2015, an almighty life passed silently into the night, but sadly the demise of that vibrant existence was barely noticed. On this date, the death of the TRUE liberal party of Australia occurred and the traditional liberal party formed by the formidable and legendary Prime Minster, Sir Robert Menzies ceased to exist.

The Liberal Party that had so dominated the Australian political scene to that point was replaced by an imposter, a party of centre-left saboteurs intent on sailing as close to the leftist breeze of woke causes traversed by their ALP opponents and in doing so mirroring their policies where they could and where they couldn’t they ensured that they drifted as little as possible from the ALP tide. Hell, it could even be argued in some instances they went past the Labor position on the political scale and walked in solidarity with the lunatic greens.

In NSW you have the imposter Matt Kean pushing renewable energy with green zealot enthusiasm, you have the Western  Australian Liberal leader Zac Kirkup wanting to run Perth on batteries and now Scott Morrison is pursuing net-zero emissions by 2050 ensuring Australia becomes an industrial wasteland long after he has left politics having made his fortune and living off the perks of taxpayers who will be lucky enough to still be employed by then.

Robert Menzies and Henry Bolte will be rolling in their graves.

When the Liberal party suffered a coup d’etat inflicted upon them by Malcolm Turnbull in 2015, it morphed into the Charlatan Party of Australia. A charlatan is a person who pretends to be something that they are not, they are not authentic. Remember Kevin Rudd claiming to be an economic conservative? Well, the Liberal Party is now an organisation that likes to have much of the electorate consider it as a conservative party at election time when in reality there is little that separates them from their leftist opponent.

As an example Mr Turnbull when he was Prime Minister was critical of the reliability of renewable energy in South Australia during an energy blackout stating “There is no doubt that a heavy reliance on intermittent renewables — by which in South Australia we’re mostly talking about wind, there’s also solar but intermittent renewables — does place very different strains and pressures on a grid, than reliance on traditional baseload power, whether it is fossil fuel or of course hydro, which of course as long as the water is in the dam is very reliable as well,” 

 In 2018 Turnbull stated that Climate Change had nothing to do with natural disasters such as bush fires and floods, yet as soon as he was out of parliament he was writing op-eds stating the exact opposite, he even went as far to say Australia need a version of the “Green New Deal” being proposed by radical democrats in the United States. Obviously, in the background, he was mentoring future greens dressed up as Liberals such as Matt Kean, Photios, Zimmermann and their main man Scott Morrison.

Recently Turnbull has teamed up with a former rival to try and engage in their narcissistic vendetta against Murdoch Media and Rupert Murdoch in particular. Never mind that both men enjoyed support from Rupert Murdoch as Prime Minster. No, Malcolm has become quite the darling of the ABC faithful, just as former Liberal Leader John Hewson has carved out an ABC audience for himself. How could anybody dare write a critical article about him let alone prefer somebody else as Prime Minister?

So which was the authentic Malcolm Turnbull? The one who sat in the Prime Minister’s Office or the one now writing for left-leaning media and appearing on left-leaning networks while looking to censor and purge anybody he labels “far-right” which is pretty much not anybody who wont identify as as Greens voter.  Or is he the person wh as Prime Minister  who claimed natural disasters weren’t caused by climate change?

This fraud, this fake, took down a legitimate conservative, a man as dedicated and loyal to the true liberal party values as you could find in Tony Abbott. Had you followed Turnbull for any length of time this audacious challenge was no surprise, on the other hand, the fact that he secured the support of fifty-four of his federal Liberal parliamentary colleagues was more the shock. Many of those ungrateful individuals owed their places in our federal parliament to the resurgence inspired by Abbott after the devastating 2007 electoral loss to Kevin Rudd. Yet they didn’t hesitate to jump ship to Turnbull to remove Abbott before his first term as Prime Minister had ended, and amongst their numbers were Morrison and his core supporters.

We all should have been awake that night of the Turnbull challenge and what was to come, most were not and those who protested loudest were labeled “Delcons” aka Delusional Conservatives. Most didn’t realise then what they were witnessing; the infiltration of left indoctrinated parasites and saboteurs into the body of the Liberal Party. This was not just a Federal issue either. State branches of the party across the nation have been infested with similar parasites and soon they were taking over the whole body of the once great political force known as the Liberal Party of Australia.

Witness Matt Kean and his renewable madness in NSW, or Gladys Berjeklian introducing laws making it legal for full-term abortions. What about 18C? Despite false and fake protests about freedom of speech and commitments for its removal, the Liberal politicians and governments across the country have not only not removed it, but have instead implemented and overseen laws and restrictions that did more in the past twelve months to crush our  individual freedoms through the covid-19 crisis than any ALP government before it. At best Morrison simply turned a blind eye to the totalitarian boot being forced upon the throats of his fellow Australians by totalitarian premiers, at worst he enabled it. 

In a press conference where he was asked about establishing a Royal Commission into the Victorian Hotel quarantine fiasco, Morrison flippantly retorted, that it was an issue for the Victorian government and the Victorian people. What a cop-out, what a politically soulless coward!

Scott Morrison has been a major disappointment as Prime Minister of this country and leader of the federal Liberal party. Elected in  on the back of goodwill and hope from a base that rejected the insane unbudgeted Climate Change policies of Bill Shorten, the Australian electorate that delivered him the Prime Ministership was prepared to give him a honeymoon period to prove his conservative credentials. To say he has failed spectacularly in that effort is no understatement.

A conservative Liberal would believe in small government with little to no deficit. Instead we have deficits as far as the eye can see with no realistic plan to reign them in, our governments and bureaucracies have never been larger, never been paid more and never delivered less while impacting on our lives more. A conservative-liberal would stand up for the power and freedom of the individual, instead, Australians have been imprisoned within their homes, within their state borders and outside of the country’s International borders if caught out overseas. Morrison has stood by and done nothing while rogue state premiers auditioning for the premiership of the Chinese communist parties premiership set their police forces upon unsuspecting citizens with totalitarian enthusiasm that current Chinese dictator Xi Jinping would give an approving nod and wink to.

What about defending the traditional family? We have increasingly seen the gender wars being waged through our institutions, our media, our entertainment and now even in our laws where in Victoria you can go to prison for talking or praying with your child to convince them not to engage in transitioning their gender while still a child. Think about that; it is illegal for parents to discuss or mentor their children about the repercussions of mutilating their bodies.

Children from kindergarten onwards are now exposed to gender influences throughout their youth and schooling years, yet parents in a traditional family are powerless to do anything about it unless they are prepared to risk a jail term. I have no doubt many of them will if ut in that position. What is Morrison and the Liberals doing to stop that situation from arising? Has the Liberal state opposition had the courage to commit to rescinding these vile laws? Has Scott Morrison spoken out against them? If they have, it has been in the softest and most muted of fashions.

What about industrial relations? Since John Howard lost power because he had the political courage to put his skin in the game with WorkChoices, the Liberal Party in the ensuing years  have cowered in their political foxholes for fear of being taken out by Trade Union and ALP snipers, no debate, no discussion, no policy development, just nothing.

 What about bringing industry back to Australia through the utilisation of cheap power? With its abundant resources Australia should be an industrial powerhouse if it was prepared to confront the green renewable madness and come up with a sensible Industrial relations package. There should be no debate about nuclear power, it should have been a part of our everyday lives thirty years ago. With the threats in our region, we should also have one of the strongest nuclear power defence systems on the planet. Instead, we have submarines that were designed to be nuclear powered being converted to run on a fuel submarines used in World War One and Two. That’s over one hundred years ago now. 

It's fine to have my 4WD run on diesel but to send our sailors out into war zones in diesel-powered subs in warfare that will see their enemies using nuclear-powered ones is a certain way to send them to tragic watery graves. In my view, it will be political and bureaucratic murder of some of our finest and bravest people when it happens, as it inevitably will. Speaking of defence what gives Scott Morrison and other members of his cabinet to throw our SAS troops under the bus before they have the chance to defend themselves and clear their names? What conservative leader would ever do that?

As bad as all that is and that’s only a part of it, why did Scott Morrison form this ridiculous national cabinet? I will tell you why, because he is a political coward motivated by polling and focus groups. His much talked about marketing background and his inflated ego would have taken a hit with the public’s response to his efforts in last year’s bushfires.

When COVID-19 reached our shores he devised a strategy to ensure if there were to be any backlash towards measures to contain it, he could then shed accountability to somebody else so that in turn would deflect any responsibility from himself. While politically shrewd and some would say smart, it has defined him as a political and philosophical coward and nothing more than a leaders bootlace.

 You only have to look at two of history’s greatest conservative leaders in Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill to see what political leadership and courage is all about. They knew what was right, they had the power of their convictions to follow through with their actions and carried their nation with them, even if meant paying a price, which it did. Churchill was voted out just after having seen his nation through to victory in history’s most tragic war, while Lincoln’s price was so much higher with him being assassinated for having the audacity to have won the freedom for hundreds of thousands of his oppressed fellow citizens. 

Could you imagine Scott Morrison paying such a price? No, he is quite happy to sit back and watch his fellow citizens being oppressed through the loss of their freedoms and liberties as long as the blame for that oppression is sheeted onto somebody else. Do you think for one moment Scott Morrison cares about pregnant mums being handcuffed in their homes by bully police officers? Do you think he cares for one moment about any of the families who have lost their loved ones to this virus? Do you think he cares that many of those who died passed away in lonely horrible deaths without their loved ones at their side? What about family’s separated by border closures? What about business owners losing their livelihood through restrictions and border closures? What about the young and old who lost their lives because they could not access health due to those same vile border closures?

Why did all this happen? Why did millions get dumped onto unemployment queues? Why have deficits blown out in every state and federally? because this Prime Minister didn’t want to lead, just like the good marketing manager he is (and that’s debatable), he chose to delegate. Through that decision to delegate he let the wolves into the hen house when he empowered incompetent premiers and chief health officers through his ill-advised national cabinet. This was a federal issue that crossed international and national borders and should have been dealt with by his own government’s federal cabinet.

As if all that wasn’t enough, this week we saw the resignation of Craig Kelly from the Liberal Party in the federal party room. Kelly  was a backbencher in a party that has for decades proudly beat its chest about embracing a wide variety of views within its “big tent” of opinions. The idea that Liberal members of parliament could raise their opinions and views could then be debated in the party room. After some resolution was reached from that debate and discussion solidarity would be required within the cabinet, but backbenchers would be free to continue to voice their views. The idea of the “Big Tent” was that the Liberal Party welcomed people from a variety of people with a diverse range of opinions. It’s a sensible way to keep your pulse of public opinion if your members communicated as often as possible with voters in their electorate. 

That obviously has changed. Mr Kelly is a back-bencher and whether you love him or hate him all he has done is release peer-reviewed studies and expert opinions contrary to what we have had drummed at us incessantly by our politicians, our health bureaucrats and our media. I for one am grateful to people like Mr Kelly, as I can read and assess information from a variety of sources and then make up my mind on a variety of issues.

Apparently, that is anathema to Morrison who has berated his Facebook posts, berated him in his office, berated him in question time in the parliament and effectively forced Kelly into a decision based to remove himself from the party machinery that now censors free speech and opinion. This was once a party that use to embrace it. In effect, Mr Kelly has not left the Liberal Party, rather the Liberal party has left Mr Kelly just as it has millions of conservatives within its base. Those same conservatives, for now, will still vote for it, simply because they fear what an ALP/Greens alliance government would do to this country. 

Things may change however as it is hard to see a difference between the LNP and ALP on many issues.

My Kelly is not the only conservative to be deserted by Mr Morrison and his LNP government. Recently millions of normal Mum and Dad conservatives were purged on “Big Tech’ media platforms, most notably on Twitter and Facebook. Morrison did not bat an eyelid, didn’t come to our defence or speak up for our right to free speech and opinions. Ss he has always done he just sat by and turned a blind eye to the bloodlust being inflicted by Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg. Contrast that to the way he and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, fought for big media companies in the past week to ensure they were going to be paid by “Big Tech” for news content. Witness how they pat themselves on the back for their perceived win for the fake news media that were also silent while their fellow citizens were being purged on a variety of platforms. In fact, many in the media cheered on the purge of conservative only to then squeal like kids at kinder who scrape their knee when facebook purged them.

If you want to see a country that fights for its citizen's freedoms, then look at recent laws passed by Poland to stop Big Tech from censoring ANY of their citizens.

Finally, you want to know how shallow and fraudulent Scot Morrison really is? At election time he has regularly used his supposed Christian background to encourage voters to support him. To me, the biggest test of any Christian politician is when the debate of abortion raises its ugly head. As a Christian, in my mind at least and I am sure the minds of millions of other Christians across the globe, to be true to your faith you not only have to be pro-life you need to be vocal when that battle comes. When Gladys Berejiklian was passing legislation in 2019 in the dead of night that would allow full-term abortions and gender-specific abortions, conservative members of parliament and the Liberal party were speaking out against it. What did our supposedly deeply Christian Prime Minster have to say? The man said nothing, he was totally silent, unlike the unborn inside the womb whose screams can be heard in heaven as they are torn limb from limb in abortion clinics across the nation he currently leads.

He silence on the matter was a Christian act? A man with the power to influence that debate remained silent, I wonder what his Christian God would say to him if they meet face to face. The man is a fraud, he is as much a Christian as I am a tooth fairy. 

I have come across the likes of Morrison, Turnbull and even Rudd in my life and they are all narcissistic frauds. As a Conservative, as a Christian, as a Patriot and no doubt as a person, Morrison is as empty as a farm dam in our worst droughts. 

 Fortunately for him, one thing he has on his side is luck, has any other politician in the history of Australian politics ever been delivered such incompetent and useless opposition leaders as Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese? There is not much in the ALP shed to replace them with it either.

So the liberal party as we knew it is dead and with very little hope of resurrection. So where does that leave us traditionally LNP voters? Sadly if you're conservative like me, we have very little to turn to, especially if you’re looking for a conservative government.

No doubt there will be those cheering this scenario on, but in effect, they are cheering on the end of democracy. Democracy should be the engaged debate and exchange of a variety of opinions, beliefs and policy. All opinion should be encouraged and the electorate needs to be allowed to judge and decide from an engaged debate over those opinions and policy platforms so that as a nation we get maximum benefit through innovative ideas and solutions to our most urgent problems.

Instead, we now have a major party system where the two major parties that realistically could form a government and implement policy are predominately singing from the same hymn book. Big government, big spending, state intrusion on individuals lives through draconian laws and restrictions, globalism instead of patriotism, renewable energy madness at the cost of industry and jobs, no industrial relation innovation to make us more competitive globally and the slow creep of Marxism and anti-family values throughout our institutions.

Whether you vote for the ALP or the LNP that is what you will get. Their mantra is largely the same, their talking points almost identical and their members who make it to parliament are nearly all products of the political machinery they represent. If you were looking for something different where do you turn? To One Nation? the Liberal Democrats? There is the political conundrum.

We need a political force that can win government that will promote patriotism over globalism, that will review and even withdraw from organisations such as the United Nations and their affiliated organisations such as the World Health Organisation who no longer reflect our values as a people. 

We need a government that will look to improve our traditional sources for our power grid both on what they provide and how clean it can be produced to deliver that energy. Dams, HELE coal power and nuclear power stations need to not only be at the top of the list but loudly advocated for. We need a political party of courage that will fight for traditional values, such as the family unit, our history and our culture and push back against this woke nonsense that looks to make us despise ourselves. We need a political party that reviews the intrusion of other nations governments and individuals into our country’s major assets such as ports airfield and farmland.

We need a political party that will stand up for the power of the individual and deliver them the liberties, freedoms, support and environment to develop them to their fullest potential. We need a political leader that isn’t afraid to take on challenges such as bringing back jobs and manufacturing to this country.

That to a degree used to be the Liberal party, sadly it isn’t anymore and I fear will never be again with the like of Morrison leading it. A courageous conservative individual of conscience left that party this week in Craig Kelly. A true patriot prepared to speak out for his fellow Australians, despite the insults and defamation that have been thrown his way. Are there any other conservatives within the Liberal or even National Party ranks prepared to follow his example and join him? 

If half a dozen dared to have the same courage as Craig Kelly they could seize a balance of power in the lower house, support a  minority Morrison government and bring back badly needed conservative values and policy into this country’s political landscape. Who knows they may even resuscitate the old Liberal brand.

Alas, I fear they are conditioned to all the perks and trimmings of being a sitting Member of Parliament and are career politicians instead of patriots willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of their country and its people. 

Who amongst our current crop of politicians could change the path our nation is currently pursuing? Who has the courage to lead, to inspire and to defend our citizens and to build a nation never seen in human history before? That could have been Australia, it still could be, but it never will be under the leadership of frauds like Morrison and his bunch of political dwarves that make up the national cabinet he formed.

Maybe our current crop of politicians could research those who have preceded them such as Churchill and Lincoln. If they do, they may discover what real patriotism, courage and sacrifice looks like and how both these men of outstanding courage changed the course of history for the better. 

Isn’t that what real politics should be all about?