What’s happening on our streets?

In the past months papers across the country had stories of gang violence, stabbings, school and work bullying, street brawls and drug overdoses on Sunday morning in broad daylight in Melbourne's CBD. The world has gone mad!

What has happened to the wonderful country and city I knew and lived in growing up?

What's even more amazing is Australia's growing band of lobbying loons answer to this is a call for legalising drugs yet again. Yes that will fix the problem, don't change behaviour just legalise it. What pattern of thought do some of these people engage in?

When Rudy Giuliani became New York Mayor in 1993 he introduced a zero tolerance policy that furiously backed the NYPD. It transformed New York from a city renowned for crime and violence to a City that became safe and open for business and tourism once more.

It's called tough love and Melbourne and Australia need a bad dose of it. I am sick of hearing civil libertarians and bleeding hearts justify disrespectful ad unacceptable behaviour. Respect needs to be reinstated into our culture through all reasonable and available means.

This paper will be constantly monitoring developments and calling for change from all our political leaders.

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