Ignore the left at our peril. Lets push back!




What a week we all have just endured, Vegan’s on our streets and invading farms and now the sacking of one of the country’s greatest athletes, Israel Folau, for simply expressing his religious belief, while more sports personalities are under the spotlight for simply liking his Instagram post.

For me this was was enough. This week I started including opinion pieces through my online paper for the purpose of pushing back with conservative values against the relentless attack by the more insane types from the left on what has been considered normal values within our society.

As a conservative I believe in

  • freedom of speech,
  • freedom of association,
  • small government,
  • the encouragement of small and medium-sized businesses,
  • small government,
  • a responsible and prudent government,
  • lower taxes,
  • Law and order and justice system that is both transparent and vigorous in protecting the rights and liberties of our country’s citizenship and
  • Finally that we ensure a vigorous defence of the best parts of our society’s values and culture handed to us from past Australian generations and policy platforms and innovations to build our nation.

These are strong concepts that a great society has been built on and can continue to be built on, yet every day these values are under attack in the media and in our institutions. and from the left in our politics.

Last Monday, we witnessed Vegans imposing their beliefs and politics in a way that was forceful rather than a genuine protest by blocking a city’s major intersection and invading and trespassing on properties of farmers who have already been through a horrendous time with drought, floods and fires. All of this through a sanctimonious attitude of moral superiority to the rest of us.

Were they imposing on people’s freedom of movement and association? Cleary they were. Through their civil discourse, they are trying to impose their way of life on the rest of the population, so much for freedom of choice in how an individual can live, so much for a considered respectable debate about aspects of country’s future.

This is just the latest example of where a minority from the left is fundamentally trying to change our society and the way we live. For instance, there have been consistent campaigns over the past twenty years looking to change marriage, our constitution from a commonwealth to a republic, the date for Australia Day, indigenous reconciliation and now it seems the most recent target that is emerging is ANZAC day. All of these are examples of agenda causes where the left just keeps coming. It seems nothing satisfies their thirst to change our society and in the process paint us a nation of racists and bigots.

Just to give you two examples, first, they were successful in changing hundreds of years of tradition in relation to marriage. Before the same Sex Marriage referendum, we had all endured years of campaigning, lobbying and pressure to change the definition of marriage, the left and many in the media were unrelenting in their pursuit of the cause for change. I remember for me the relief at the time the referendum was finally called as I was just totally sick to death of hearing about it. What was the harm in letting two people get married? I wasn’t for it, but heterosexual couples had screwed up the institution of marriage for centuries so why not let homosexuals couples enjoy the misery as well, was the way I was thinking. After all, I have people who are associates and friends who are gay and in relationships and are great people I have no issue with them.

Does anybody doubt, however, that if this lobbying campaign or the referendum had never happened, that anybody would have lost too much sleep over it? As an example of the hyperbole over this event just reflect on noted ABC journalist David Marr, who is in an openly gay relationship. On the night of referendum succeeding Mr Marr on the ABC coverage spluttered through tears, “I’ve managed to live long enough to see this unimaginable thing!”

So when the referendum was won and same-sex marriage was legal did David and his partner rush off to a marriage celebrant? Nope, no reason to, they had declared themselves married before the referendum after being in a relationship for two years, obviously no need for a piece of paper, which was an argument many who opposed same-sex marriage had put forward but had their voices drowned out. This just demonstrates the insane hidden desire amongst many on the left for a cause, any cause to justify their existence. This was supposed to be a nation-changing event but then when it was implemented one of the loudest voices advocating that change found it so important, he didn’t pursue it after it was made law. That should tell you something.

 While there was no doubt a majority of Australians who supported the referendum for genuine reasons, I was one of them, how many of us also thought let’s give the LGBTI community marriage so they can shut up and the rest of us can all move on with our lives. After winning the referendum was that enough for many in the LGBTI  community?

Nope, not at all. now we have safe schools, gender bias and the encouragement of kids to embrace transgender and homosexual lifestyles well before they are ready to do so. While there are gay acquaintances of mine that are as opposed to these developments as I am, there are the extremists in the LGBTI community that will just keep pushing until society becomes a gay utopia. Sodom and Gomorrah, here we come.

The second example is indigenous recognition. Most Australian’s I know want nothing more than for our indigenous brothers and sisters to find their deserved spot in our nation with the same privileges, opportunities and happiness the rest of the nation enjoys. Realistically, there can be a very strong argument made that not only do those circumstances exist, but being aboriginal opens the doors up to increased government support and programs. The question if why do we still have the disastrous issues, with health, education and domestic violence in many of our indigenous communities.

For how many years were we bombarded with the push to for an apology/ Prominent Australians, politicians and media personalities seemed to delight in the activity of imposing a sense of guilt on non-indigenous Australian for events of the past and actions of individuals who have long left this world. An apology was meant to correct all of this, wasn’t it? Realistically it never could be anything more than be a hollow attempt to alleviate any guilt as it was never going to address any real issues and in fact, could have made those issues worse by taking the spotlight off them. In what way did that apology from one of our worst Prime Ministers ever address any genuine issues for our indigenous community? For a politician who it can easily be argued rode this issue for as long and hard as he could to benefit his political career, now witness the time he spends kowtowing to his UN heroes in New York compared to the time and efforts he commits to outback communities back here in Australia where aboriginal issues are at their worst. It’s ironic isn’t it that Tony Abbot, the actual Prime Minister who has spent more time and did more than any other of current politicians in! these outback communities is the one who receives the most hatred and derision from the mob on the left and mainstream media who demand action in these areas. He should be their poster boy!

This is the same group who for decades have held this cause up as the “holy grail” of our country’s consciousness to alleviate the nation’s guilt and to address historical injustice. They too seem to have forgotten these forgotten people as after the apology this holy grail baton seems to have been handed to the climate change/global alarmism activists in the relay race for righteousness. Just look at the absurd lobbying by the like of Phelps and the Greens for Manus Island detainees to be brought Australia due to horrendous condition, while not a word was spouted by these activists about the conditions many of our aboriginal communities were existing in. Which one of our politicians was visiting those communities during this period? None other than Tony Abbott. His reward? Derison and abuse from Linda Burney and Pat Dodson who should have been his example on a pedestal.

So now that the apology wasn’t enough, apparently we need our constitution changed to recognise our first people and a new chamber of parliament that concentrates on aboriginal concerns only, while there is still talk of a treaty. So much for the nation coming together, now we are facing a nation within a nation, is that where we are heading? Is that what we need as a nation? How will that bring us together? will that be enough for the activist mob? I have my doubts on all these fronts, but will that stop the left from coming on these agenda items?

Considering we taxpayers contribute thirty billion a years towards Aboriginal programs and projects why do I suspect much of this is more about syphoning more dollars into this bureaucracy for the sycophants and parasites to abuse rather than for addressing real issues that should have been resolved decades ago.

The point here through these two examples is that the leftist activists and fanatics just keep on coming even when they enjoy significant progress. They never can live a contented life unless they have a cause to push no matter how absurd that cause may be. The obvious reality is that with these types you cannot shut them up by surrendering to them, it just emboldens them further.

The left loves to put about the perception that if you’re a conservative you are resistant to change and stuck in the past, hence why the left has kidnapped the term “progressive” to label themselves. Progressive should be a great adjective of the English language, now, however, when I hear the word all I think about is insanity. Conservatives are not against change, they just are not supportive of change for change’ss sake. Some of the country’s greatest initiatives have been implemented by conservative governments. The Menzies and Holt governments oversaw the dismantling of the ‘White Australia Policy’ in the 50’s and 60’s for example. Howards government introduced the GST and brought in our gun laws after Port Arthur. Even the Abbott/Turnbull governments brought about same-sex marriage after Labor governments talked a lot about it for six years and then did absolutely nothing.

Labor governments, in fact, are a glowing example of the damage that can be caused by changes brought about by  thought bubbles just to seem progressive. The NBN, cash for clunkers, Pink Batts, renewable subsidies, nine hundred dollar cheques (even to deceased), continued increased education funding that isn’t aligned to results and funding for school halls are all prime examples of ill thought out changes and initiatives that simply wasted billions in taxpayers money and were pure virtue signalling that delivered vastly inadequate results to what was promised. Do you remember Kevin Rudd walking around with fake laptops etc in the 2007 election campaign promising every student a computer? How did that work out? Being resistant to change until you know that change is viable and will be of benefit is not a negative it is a virtue.

Throughout these issues, the left simply pushed and pushed until they got their way and then pushed even further with their insatiable thirst for more even if it was unjustified and ill-thought. I actually in a funny way admire them for it and wish conservatives would discover this same determination to fight for what they believe in. You can always learn valuable lessons from your opponents and conservatives need to learn in a hurry!

If we don’t we will see many of the values that have established this country under attack and in dire threat.

Masculinity especially if you are white is being frowned upon and even worse being tainted as monstrous and don’t you dare come out and criticize or question anything to do with Islam or you are a racist, extremist, evil person inspiring violence. In the meantime, if you want to criticize anything to do with Christianity by all means go for it! Open slather there.

What about our ability to speak freely? Just listen to Greens leader Richard Di Natale and his insistence on bringing in hate speech laws which will be put in place further draconian imposts on free speech that will make 18C look like a Sunday picnic. Some thought that this would never happen in Australia and then Israel Folau gets sacked for quoting scripture out of the bible. Any doubts should no longer exist.

Before that, we have seen people’s ability to speak at Universities, public spaces and at town halls attacked by leftists fascist groups such as Antifa. What do our politicians and police do? Apologies they do invoice the victims who are having their freedom to speak and associate in public trampled on, that is unless you’re a union marching hand in hand with the Victorian premier of course. No issues there, they were probably paid to protest. Oh, that’s right, it was on the employer’s clock, of course, they were paid.

See any double standards, see any hypocrisy?

What about our immigration levels and our right to decide where that immigration originates from so it is compatible and complementary to our society, our values and our culture ensuring a peaceful and cohesive development in the nation’s population. If you question that and you are labelled a racist or a bigot. As an example in American President Trump wants to build a wall to help control immigration which should be widely supported yet he is accused by some lunatics on the left of committing Genocide. Even if you despise the man, how do you justify that argument? He could find a cure for cancer and he would still be labelled unstable.

In fact, disagree with the left on just about anything and a host of adjectives are sure to be headed your way such as racist, bigot, Nazis, fascist, homophobe, Islamophobe, Right-wing extremist, you name it you will be called it. The days of a civil debate have long gone.

So what do conservative like myself do? on the whole we turn the other cheek, cop it on the chin and get on with our lives, as it’s just not worth it; after all, we have jobs, careers, families etc to organise and look after. Life is too busy to debate with a fanatical lunatic who is pushing agendas that we have no interest in. After all who has time on a Monday to sacrifice work and pay to demonstrate on city streets and invade farms?

Unfortunately, these types from the left are infesting our bureaucracies’ in education, health, police, defence and a variety of government departments along with our media and political parties. Even the liberal party has endured a disastrous case of the “loonie left virus”. Thanks Malcolm! If the left continued to be ignored they will affect every aspect of our way of life, in fact, they are already doing it, just look at Energy, Transport, Agriculture, Personal faith, marriage, family, gender, education, safe schools and now bloody vegans.

If conservatives continue to sit back and just get on with their lives we are handing this nation to these lunatics and selling out future generations from the living in the wonderful country we have had the good fortune to enjoy

So rather than be a hypocrite and a typical conservative let me introduce to what will be a regular article through my online blog titled “Conservative Bob” published through my online newspaper “the Community Forum”.  Through these articles, I will be articulating Conservative values and opinions and pushing back against the creeping Leftist, Socialist, Marxist agenda being forced upon our country.

I give the lunatic left some credit, they are organised and determined and, they will keep pushing their lunatic ideas and beliefs on the rest of us until we have the courage to say “ENOUGH”.

It’s time for those of us on the centre-right to start speaking out, its time for us to fight for our values and our society, because if we don’t you can rest assured the nuts on the extreme  left will and they will fight hard and long to change this society to reflect their values and views of the world. We need to start challenging them at every step and becoming as organised as they are. God help us all if they win out.

So if what I read resonates you can do four simple things in helping to push back.

(1) enjoy my regular contributions

(2) share them to like-minded people and let’s start pushing back!

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My goal is to publish an article at least every two to three days so keep an eye out and enjoy the read.

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